Perkiomen Creek Ranch
  Alpacas raised with love


Felines and Chickens

Blizzard 2012


    Toby Yap

Our farm would not be complete without the felines and chickens.  The top pictures show Blizzard (nicknamed "Thing", always trouble) who is the King. Jett (nicknamed "little one") appears in the next picture who just wants to play.  The remaining two pictures above show Toby on the left and Yap on the right.

The next set of pictures show the first three chickens we have on the farm.  The one in the middle is an araucana chicken that lays green eggs.  The two on the bottom left and right are brahma chickens that lay brown eggs.


These next three pictures show a new Americana peep (now grown up and called Talker) with one of our brahma chickens acting as a protective mother.



Below is one of the chickens roosting on Ginger's back.  The next two pictures are brahma chickens.


Below right is our rooster Talker.  The first two pictures below are Talker's offspring, Americanas.