Perkiomen Creek Ranch
  Alpacas raised with love


To create a perfect combination for soft and strong yarn in your finished products, we blended 80% of our alpaca yarn with 20% merino sheep yarn.  This blending helps retain the structure of your product.  You may click on the associated alpaca names to see the alpaca from where the fleece was taken.

 Thunder and Athena, v1

Natural Grey 2-ply worsted 100 yard skeins (900 ypp) from Relanpago's Thunder Blue and Perkiomen Athena (116 skein $6.50 each).  Code: AM40.

 Flame Romeo Peanut Radiance Mystery Dark Brown Dark Brown 2-ply DK 150 yard skeins (1200 ypp) from Flame, Romeo, Poseiden, Radiance, Mystery (97 skeins $7 each).  Code AN41.
 Smoke yarn Black 2-ply Sport 135 yard skeins (1400 ypp) from Smoke (96 skeins $7 each).  Code AO42.
 Nathalie yarn Gray 2-ply DK 150 yard skeins (1300 ypp) from Nathalie (68 skeins $8.50 each). Code AP43.
 PIoneer Star Kirby Indie Brown Brown 2-ply DK 150 yard skeins (1200 ypp) from Pioneer, Star, Indie, and Kirby (105 skeins $6.25 each).  Code AQ44.